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Make data-driven decisions with P10Y's objective insights, and compare your productivity against internal teams and industry peers

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Based on Scientific Research

Our solution is built on the foundation of cutting-edge research at a leading university in the Bay Area

Transform Your Software Engineering Performance with Objective Metrics

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Effortless Internal & Industry-wide Benchmarking

Effortless Internal & Industry-wide Benchmarking
  • Compare your organization's productivity against internal teams and industry peers
  • Identify areas where your organization excels or needs improvement
  • Gain insights to stay ahead of your competition

Objective Data for Strategic Decision-Making

Objective Data for Strategic Decision-Making
  • Use data-driven insights for decisions on insourcing vs. outsourcing, local vs. remote, and more
  • Evaluate team and country performance with confidence
  • Support investment decisions, such as adopting new tools or changing headcount

In-Depth Real-Time & Historical Analysis

In-Depth Real-Time & Historical Analysis
  • We use git history to show productivity metrics from the inception of your git repo
  • Understand how past decisions impacted productivity and learn from historical trends
  • Benefit from real-time analyses that keep you updated on your team's performance

Measuring True Output for Genuine Insights

Measuring True Output for Genuine Insights
  • Move beyond competitors' easily gameable input or velocity-based metrics that don’t tell the whole story, such as story points, commit counts, or lines of code
  • Uncover the true value of your software engineering efforts by focusing on output (through analyzing the actual source code)

Easy and Flexible Implementation

Easy and Flexible Implementation
  • Choose between:
    • Granting access to your repos for scanning
    • Using a docker image (for heightened security needs)
  • Forego long implementation processes: our solution is plug & play

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P10Y vs. Other Solutions: The Power of Measuring True Output for Unmatched Insights

P10Y: Measuring True Productivity

  • Measure output by analyzing actual source code
  • Hard to game productivity metrics
  • Drives decision-making based on objective data
  • Allow performance comparison across teams & industries

Other Solutions: Relying on Flawed Metrics

  • Focuses on input or process, does not measure output
  • Easily gameable metrics like story points or lines of code
  • Uses subjective data and may lead to suboptimal outcomes
  • Doesn’t allow objective and standardized performance comparison

How Existing (non-P10Y) Software Engineering Productivity Metrics May Create Counterproductive Incentives

Metric Definition Counterproductive Incentive
Story Points (or Velocity Points) Effort estimation for tasks Encourages inflating the number of points a task will require to complete
Pull Request Counts Number of proposed code changes Encourages making smaller, less significant changes
Avg. Code Review Turnaround Time Time for code review and approval Encourages reviewers to be less diligent to improve their turnaround time
Release Frequency Rate of software updates Encourages prioritizing speed over quality Encourages feature bloat
Lines of Code Number of lines written in a program Encourages verbose, redundant code
Commit Counts Number of updates to a code repository Encourages multiple small commits instead of meaningful, larger updates